How To Increase Your Influence To Sell More Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

It’s no secret that having a strong presence and influence is KEY when it comes to commercial cleaning sales. After all, the goal is to try and sell more janitorial cleaning contracts! Have you ever wondered how some companies and some people can just “outsell” anyone, even if they have a less quality cleaning service? Well, we dive DEEP with Master Sales Trainer, Paul Ross, on how you can increase your influence and mindset when it comes to your sales approach, and in return, it will help you sell more janitorial cleaning contracts.

In this janitorial sales episode you will learn: 

  • How subtle words can make or break a janitorial cleaning sale
  • Why you need to get your cleaning prospect to trust THEMSELVES before YOU! 
  • Why rapport in sales is overrated and how you can cut through the noise and close the deal. 

If you like what you heard from Paul Ross, I suggest checking out his book and company, which are linked below. 

Helping You Sell More Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

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