How To Get Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Leads

It’s no secret, it can be challenging to get new commercial cleaning leads through the door for your janitorial business. You can probably relate to the feeling of wondering when and where your next new commercial cleaning contract will come from. In this article we will discuss three ways to get new commercial cleaning leads through the door for your janitorial business. This article will teach you how to get more janitorial leads.

What Exactly is A Commercial Cleaning Lead?

First, let’s qualify and define exactly what a good lead is for your janitorial company. All too often people use the word “lead” and really don’t understand exactly what that means, which is why you have to figure out what the definition means for YOUR business. When you define what the term “commercial cleaning lead” means to you, it will help you qualify your new cleaning prospect once you’re engaged with them. 

General Definition: Janitorial Leads 

The general sales definition of what a “janitorial lead” is states “A person or business that’s currently not a client but can become one.” This is why it’s so important to drill down and define what a commercial cleaning lead means to YOU. 

For a general rule of thumb, at DayPorter, we define janitorial leads and prospects as people or businesses that have a potential cleaning need that we can help, and there’s a chance they are open to learn more about how we can help them. 

We keep our definition simple enough, but also allow us to start to qualify our janitorial leads once we start talking to them about our clients cleaning services. Which brings us to our next point – janitorial lead qualifications! 

Qualifying Your Janitorial Leads

Now that you have a solid idea and definition of what a new commercial cleaning lead means to you, let’s talk about the importance of qualifying our leads. 

It should be noted, qualifying any and all your janitorial leads is one of the most important steps to the process, which is why we’re covering it here. When we don’t qualify our janitorial leads, we have the potential to waste a ton of non-profitable time through the sales process. This is something we want to avoid at ALL costs. 

A simple way to qualify your janitorial sales leads is to list out what information you need to know, very early on, that will give you an idea if you want to work with this prospect or not? Put simply, who is your ideal cleaning client, what common things do your best clients share, and does this prospect resemble any of those commonalities? 

If this is challenging for you, it’s probably because you’re not 100% clear on who your ideal cleaning customer is. We have a good eBook that gives you three perspectives on commercial cleaning benefits and positioning, that might help you get clear on who your ideal prospects are. 

When you’re engaged with a potential janitorial sales prospect, it’s critical early on to find out if they will be a GREAT fit for you! This is why becoming clear on your ideal client is so crucial and why understanding WHAT YOU NEED to qualify them is one of the most important steps to the sales process. 

How To Get More Janitorial Leads For Your Cleaning Company? 

Now, let’s talk about the million dollar question. Let’s discuss a few ways you can increase your sales efforts and get more QUALIFIED leads for your janitorial company. 

Afterall, running a commercial cleaning business comes down to three core things; having a great hiring process, a solidified and proven sales process with excellent training & customer service. Here we have listed 

So let’s dive in and talk about five ways you can develop more commercial cleaning sales opportunities for your business. 

Janitorial Lead Idea One: Dropping By In-person aka Door Knocking 

It’s no secret that when you drop into a business, your odds increase A LOT if you’re hoping to speak with a business owner about your commercial cleaning services. The truth is – most people HATE walking into a business completely cold and introducing themselves. It’s hard and uncomfortable, but it works. 

We asked Bruce McCabe, one of the most veteran sales professionals in all of the janitorial industry with over 40+ years experience, and he simply said “walking into a business and talking with the business owner about about their cleaning plan works.” 

Door knocking, as some refer to it, is tough business but in our line of work is proven to help you develop and generate new business. Simply walking into a building and speaking with a business owner and dropping off your card or company brochure will do a lot for you over the long run. The key here, as with anything in sales, is consistency. You have to be consistent if you want this approach to truly payoff. 

Ask yourself this; How much could your business change over the course of a year if committed to walking into five new businesses per month? That’s 260 new business a year that you will personally  meet (big advantage) and 260 new businesses a year that will get their hands on janitorial company information about you. If 3% of these businesses over the next year sign on as clients, you just gained eight new commercial cleaning accounts. The math makes sense! 

Let Your Cleaning Clients Be Your Best Salesperson 

One of the best strategies to generate new leads for your cleaning business is to develop strong bonds with your present clients. Word-of-mouth recommendations have a significant impact, and happy consumers are more inclined to endorse your products and services to their friends, family, and coworkers. The following advice will help you cultivate relationships with your clients and persuade them to recommend new clients to your business:

Offer Top-Notch Service

Providing exceptional service is the most important component in developing a strong relationship with your clients. Make sure your cleaning staff is dependable, attentive, and welcoming. Always be on time for appointments, and go above and above to satisfy your clients.

Engage in Feedback

Understanding what you’re doing well and where you need to improve requires input from your customers. Ask your clients for their opinions on the service they received when a work is finished. Encourage them to be sincere and to pay attention to what they say. Utilize their suggestions to improve your service moving forward.

Take Action

A good method to demonstrate your concern for your customers’ satisfaction is to follow up with them after a job is finished. Request their satisfaction with the service they received in a thank-you email or message. Take the time to address any problems if there were any and put things right. Building trust and loyalty with your clients will come through demonstrating your concern for their needs.

Encourage Reviews

A great technique to draw in more consumers is by encouraging happy customers to post reviews on your website or social media pages. Positive feedback can position your business as a dependable and trustworthy service provider, increasing the likelihood that prospective clients would pick you over rivals. After work is over, send follow-up emails or messages to your clients asking them to post reviews if they were happy with your services.

Strategic Janitorial Partnerships Bring In Cleaning Leads 

Partnering with other companies can be a great method for your cleaning firm to reach new clients and increase lead generation. You may increase your market penetration and broaden your reach by working with other companies. Here are some pointers for working with other companies:

Choose Probable & Profitable Cleaning Partners

Find local companies that could use your cleaning services as a starting point. Think about collaborating, for instance, with commercial real estate agencies, property management companies, or event venues. Look for companies that can benefit from your services frequently or that have a huge consumer base.

Offer Partner Pricing

When addressing prospective partners, emphasize the benefits you can offer. Offer to perform reduced facility cleaning or any additional services they might require. For instance, you might propose to offer cleaning services for move-ins and move-outs if you collaborate with a property management company.

Promote Your Cleaning Collaboration

Once a collaboration has been formed, make sure to advertise it to your clients, as well as on your website and social media pages. Emphasize the advantages of the alliance, such as savings or extra services. This will make it easier to draw in new clients who are enthusiastic about the services you offer.

Cold Calling For Janitorial Leads

Cold calling is still a successful approach to increase the number of janitorial contracts your cleaning firm receives, despite the rise of digital marketing and other contemporary sales techniques. Cold calling still works for the following five reasons:

Build Personal Connection Through Cold Calling 

By cold calling potential clients, you can establish a personal connection. By engaging with them directly, you can develop a connection and earn their trust, which may increase the likelihood that they will pick your business over rivals.

Cold calling allows you to specifically target businesses and decision-makers who are most likely to use your services. By doing this, you can save time and money by avoiding wasting them on leads that are unlikely to convert.

Data Gather Through Cold Calls

Cold calling offers real-time feedback, enabling you to modify your sales message and strategy in response to the reactions of potential clients. This can improve your chances of success and help you fine-tune your sales plan. We have a specific janitorial cold calling video about how to gather data on cold calls here

High Return on Investment 

Cold calling can be a cheap technique to get leads because it only involves the cost of the phone and the internet. For tiny firms or those with tight marketing expenditures, this can be extremely helpful.

High Conversion Rates

Cold calling can have a high conversion rate even if it may entail more work than other sales strategies. Potential consumers are more likely to choose your business for their janitorial needs if you communicate with them individually and address their unique demands and concerns.

If you haven’t already – be sure to check out our Janitorial Cold Call Masterclass below 

To Wrap Up: For More Janitorial Leads You Need To Be Intentional 

It’s critical to be strategic in your approach if you want to generate more janitorial leads and contracts. This entails establishing specific objectives, creating a focused strategy, and acting consistently to realize those objectives. Without goal, you can end up wasting time on inefficient marketing strategies or chasing after unqualified leads. You can concentrate your efforts on the most promising prospects and increase your chances of success by being deliberate. Being deliberate will help you produce more leads and contracts for your cleaning business, whether you’re cold calling, working with other companies, or utilizing internet marketing platforms.