#35 How Customer Success Will Close You More Cleaning Contracts, Ft Christopher Mondragon

How important is it to get customer feedback on a continual basis? By doing this, it could be a million dollar strategy for your commercial cleaning business! We sat down and spoke to one of the best sales trainers and commercial and residential owners, Chris Mondragon. Chris has been able to scale is company to millions of dollars through GREAT customer service, being intentional with reviews and company culture.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why customer success and reviews are a GREAT sales strategy 
  • Why you need to give back to your local community with your janitorial company 
  • How you can be intentional for reviews and how that will help you compete with ANYONE in the cleaning industry. 

Chris is a GREAT resource and one guy that is a MUST follow if you’re in the cleaning space at ANY LEVEL. Chris also has one of the best residential courses out there that will help you scale your business to unseen levels. 

To check out Chris’ Cleaning Training, Checkout Ignite Your Cleaning Business here. 

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