#50 Key Commercial Cleaning Tips When Leading A Strong Janitorial Sales Team, Ft Devin Samaha.

Have you ever wondered if having a sales team is a good idea? To be honest, we all find commercial cleaning challenging! We interviewed Devin Samaha, Vice President of Sales for over 14 years at Allied Universal Janitorial Services. Combined, Devin has over 30 years of experience in the janitorial sales industry!

Devin is an inspirational leader who has led teams of more than 50 people in developing sales strategies and focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. This episode is a TREAT in every way!

In this Profitable Cleaning episode you will learn:

  • Why is it important to have a salesperson’s point of view on the business?
  • Key points to keep in mind when looking for new clients
  • Determine your niche and how to approach prospects in which you are interested.

We highly recommend you connect with Devin Samaha and check out Allied Universal Janitorial Services.

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