Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cold Call Training

Learn some of the proven cold call principles that will help you get your commercial cleaning company in the door with new facilities. This was originally a FB live training video we did for our private FB group, The Profitable Cleaner about how to reframe and rethink about your cold calls when it comes to your commercial cleaning and janitorial company.

It’s no secret that cold calling can work to help you book more commercial cleaning walk-throughs, but the key is viewing how you conduct your cold calls and understanding you can get value from them even if you don’t book a walk-through on every call.

In this Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cold Call Training, you will learn

  • Point of a cold call is…
  • Book a walk through / appointment
  • Data gather 

Also, watch the Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cold Call Training!

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