#52: What Does It Mean to Have a Virtual Team That’s Worldwide? Ft. Andrea Garcia, Daysi Mora, and Elia Morice.

Have you ever thought about growing your commercial cleaning company by hiring a remote team? We have a new podcast that you didn’t know you needed, and we’re talking to the DayPorter/Profitable Cleaner team about it today. We have the pleasure of introducing Daysi Mora (SDR), Andrea Garcia (Community Manager), and Elia Morice (DayPorter Manager).

After listening to this podcast, you will be able to dispel every myth regarding remote workers, and this could be the signal you need to look for assistance to put together your ideal remote team to help you grow your commercial cleaning business! 

In this Profitable Cleaning episode you will learn:

  • What tools are used while having a fully virtual and remote team?
  • The difference between outsourcing and having a remote/virtual team.
  • What to expect while managing your commercial cleaning company and having a remote team.

We highly recommend you connect with Andrea Garcia, Daysi Mora, and Elia Morice.

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