#44 If You’re Going to be a Janitor, Be a GREAT One In The Commercial Cleaning Industry (and how to accomplish that) – Ft Ernesto Moreno.

What changes have occurred in the commercial cleaning business during the last three decades? How do you grow a company from the ground up to employing over 200 people? We spoke with Ernesto Moreno, CEO of Moreno & Associates, who has been in the profession for over 30 years and believes that PEOPLE are the key to cleaning success.

What you will learn in this Profitable Cleaner episode: 

  • Why people are the key to your success in commercial cleaning. 
  • How to effectively create accountability connections with your cleaning clients.
  • If you commit to being in the commercial cleaning industry, commit totally and be a GREAT contribution to it.

We’re also thrilled that Moreno & Associates will be joining us for our three-day Clean Prophet$ event in Denver in November. If you’re looking to join us, contact us today since there are only NINE spots available! 

How to connect with Ernesto and learn more about him. 

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