3 Sales Perspectives On Commercial Cleaning Benefits

If you’re in the janitorial business, you know how hard it can be to convey the value of commercial cleaning to a business owner that just “doesn’t get it”, when it comes to seeing the importance of keeping their building clean.

We once heard a great quote from Bruce McCabe, who’s owned and operated a commercial cleaning company in Salt Lake City for 43 years.

“Most CEO’s highly undervalue cleaning and maintenance on their buildings, which is why it’s often a small budget item.”

For the last 24 months, and with over $976,000 of new commercial cleaning revenue closed, we have analyzed a few key things that will help you close more life changing cleaning contracts.

In this commercial cleaning & janitorial sales eBook you will learn:

  • The top three benefits you should be focusing your sales strategy around.
  • The main elements that go into making a cleaning decision for your janitorial prospect.
  • The psychology that goes into making a valued based decision once presented to your cleaning prospect.

We ALL have to understand, we’re not in the commercial cleaning business. We actually in the PEOPLE business. This janitorial sales eBook will help you better convey your company’s value with a new fresh perspective.

Download 3 Sales Perspectives On Commercial Cleaning Benefits & Change Your Sales Today

eBook - Cleaning Benefits Sales Perspectives