Five Ways to Increase Your Commercial Cleaning Sales

Commercial cleaning remains one of the most profitable businesses today. That is, if you employ the proper approach. Many companies adopt various strategies in a bid to maximize sales and increase the number of return customers. While many people believe in sticking to basic business ethics for continued growth, a tweak in strategy can yield impressive results. Also, let’s be honest, commercial cleaning sales can be tough when you don’t have a narrow focused approach.

Today, we will have a look at some of the unknown or somewhat-known but underutilized strategies for increased sales. In commercial cleaning, the goal is establishing a balance between quality service, affordable costs, and long-term partnerships. Some companies rely on consistency in quality service and affordability. For standout sales, however, one has to go beyond the basic principles in what is an increasingly competitive market.

We intend to share a few secrets on how you can ensure a significant growth in your commercial cleaning business.

Revisit Old Proposals That Weren’t Accepted

Not all correspondence with potential clients results in a partnership or a successful transaction. Quite often, proposals don’t yield the expected result, and the target audience turns down your offer. In many cases, the go-to decision is to move on and pitch elsewhere. Often, moving on amounts to a missed opportunity.

Prospective clients turn down offers for various reasons. On some occasions, a slight adjustment in the proposed terms or mannerisms may change the prospective customer’s stance. Ensure that you ask the right questions and understand why your proposal was declined, and what the target client wishes you had done differently. It’s also 100% critical that we always get a “yes or a no” once a proposal is sent. Never let a proposal sit dormant.

In doing so, you have the opportunity to assess the situation and decide if you can revise your terms and seal the deal. This approach gives dialogue a chance, and gives you the unique opportunity to refine your approach in future. Revisiting these old proposals also ensures that you maximize your contact list and exponentially grow your network.

In a world where sometimes contacts aren’t easy to come by, you should exhaust all options before throwing in the towel. Even after a potential client turns you down, you may request their permission to be part of your mailing list. Give a guarantee that you will not spam their inbox with unnecessary content. This way, they get timely updates on all sales, offers and campaigns. Down the line, there may be a change of heart.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your sales proposal process, which could increase your business by 10%, check out this sales proposal resource here.

Your Outbound Sales Campaigns Must be Constant

Sales campaigns pass crucial information to both existing and potential customers. These exercises ensure that your target audience stays updated on all exciting offers, promotions, and raffles. Your customers also stay informed about new service packages and price adjustments, which subsequently brings in more business.

For maximum efficacy, consistency is key. Ensure that your campaigns are a constant process, rather than a quarterly or bi-annual event. Each time, ensure that your energy and professionalism persists as you engage your existing and potential clientele. Make sure that your campaigns have that spark and excitement that really captivates our target market.

Consistency also comes in the turnaround time when handling inquiries. Ask probing questions during each conversation and share the necessary information. Continually prospect and explore all avenues for a larger network. Use social media platforms and reach out to new individuals, institutions, and businesses.

In running a consistent online campaign, ensure that there’s no superfluous material. Be concise and pass the message in the simplest, most exciting format possible. Redundancy results in a lack of interest, and people will mute or unsubscribe to your content. Remember to adequately space out your correspondence so as not to be a nuisance or appear nagging.

Offer a 30-Day Free Commercial Cleaning Trial

Listen, we know this sounds a little crazy, but the truth is, this really works well. Your prospects haven’t worked with you and have no clue well you do your job and the expenses involved. Some of them have had existing partnerships with other commercial cleaners and are reluctant to make the switch. Offering a free 30-day trial gives them free service and a chance to assess the viability of any potential business partnership.

This low risk, high reward strategy often convinces individuals, businesses, and institutions to work with you. For the agreed trial period, remain professional and adhere to all set terms for the duration. Carry out operations as you would on a normal contractual obligation without pretenses or misrepresentation. Sincerity pays.

During the trial period, keep your customers posted on the exciting offers available for new clients, as well as the availability of value-added services. All through, observe client responses and keep a record of suggestions and concerns regarding your service delivery. The acceptance of a 30-day trial period is most likely the foundation for a long-fruitful relationship.

At the end of the trial period, have a sit-down with your customer and discuss their experience. At this point, take note of what your potential business partner loved most, and focus on making it an ever-present quality in your work. After that, make your pitch and bring in your new client.

Create a Client Referral Program

Prospecting for clients is often a tricky proposition, and the process from first-contact to signing a contract remains a tedious one. However, if you provide world-class service to your client, you will get free referrals. Sometimes, your customers will do this even without any incentives. The best business pitch often takes the form of a recommendation from a happy customer. We like to say, “the best sales team is a happy customer.”

When a satisfied customer recommends your services to a peer, your chances of closing a deal are incredibly high. The prospective customer already knows that you do quality work at an affordable rate. All discussions now involve parties that are already interested in your commercial cleaning services. On such a platform, everything flows effortlessly.

As a sweetener, introduce a reward program to existing clients who give you referrals. Include discounts and value-added services as an incentive, and your customers will help you to rapidly increase the number of new clients. In all cases, be true to your word and give all discounts or incentives as promised.

Outsource Your Cold Prospecting

Cold prospecting remains a tough task, and it isn’t for everyone. Establishing a connection with a total stranger, getting an audience, and closing the deal requires tact and impeccable interpersonal skills. Many companies save money and time by outsourcing. Delegating tasks allows your personnel to concentrate on other tasks, increasing productivity.

By outsourcing, your lead-generation mechanism becomes the responsibility of a third party, a specialist in the field. Your best bet is involving a company like AgencyFlare that excels at such tasks. You can rest assured that your business processes are in the hands of true professionals, and that your clients stay updated.

Outbound B2B sales agencies recruit the best people in the market, individuals with a very specific skillset that makes them exceptional at sales. As you work on other matters, the agency ensures that your customer base and business network rapidly grows. When making your pick, always go for proven performers. AgencyFlare brings our prospects closer and gives you the ultimate platform for success.

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company In Need of More Sales?

Growing your business involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Truth is, however, that you need a smart approach as well. Exploit all avenues and increase your network. Ensure that your services appeal to your target market, and that all prospective clients know the numerous benefits of working with you. Effectively establish connections and refine your approach by establishing a customer-centered business model.

The key to an effective sales structure is professionalism, courtesy, and smart marketing. Employ all the tools that give you the edge over the competition, for instance the effective use of social media and bringing in sales professionals through outsourcing. All through, ensure that your campaigns set out your content in an organized, concise manner.

For increased sales, you have to be both smart and relentless. Always work towards offering more value and bringing in new customers. Establish a reward system for referrals, and ensure that your customers get real value for money. For example, our DayPorter Premium Partners see an annual 20% increase in total revenue each year because of the outbound strategies we put in-place.

You have to trust your outsourced partner and make sure they understand this specific industry. Last year, we gave you data on what we saw worked best in 2020 when it came to outbound sales. You can view our 2020 Commercial Cleaning Sales Guide here.

We help commercial cleaning companies increase outbound sales efforts and close more deals. If you’re cleaning company is looking for effective and sustainable growth, apply to be a DayPorter Premium Partner today. Zero pressure and zero strings attached. Let’s have a conversation.